Scholarly Achievements

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences is proud to introduce you to some of the recent scholarly activities of its faculty. Our goal in bringing this body of work together is to acknowledge the fine professionals who produced such cutting edge scholarships. The College strives to innovate and refuses to vegetate. Its faculty is among the top scholars in their respective fields of expertise. Their efforts have already received recognition in their separate disciplines, so this page is meant to recognize their accomplishments in a College setting.

In determining what to include in this page, preference was given to works of high caliber. Publications in journals are generally peer-reviewed so they have been judged by other “experts” to represent advances in the discipline or sub-discipline into which they fall. Book projects, including text books, are vetted by peers in a similar way. Awards and grants are also included as they, too, represent the considered evaluation of one’s peers about the quality of a planned study, a completed paper, or a part of the career. In general, the items included here are the most solid achievements of the Faculty included. These items represent excellence.

In addition to publications, Faculties were also asked about how these projects fit into their longer term plans and efforts. These comments are included here in much the same form they were received. It is often helpful to understand this larger context in interpreting the separate products of scholarly efforts. Here is another side to those faculties you may know better as teachers, committee members, colleagues, or members of our larger community. We hope you enjoy finding out more about this side of their professional lives.

List of scholary achievements sorted by department.