CSBS Writing Lab

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Writing Lab serves all students majoring in or taking classes in the college. The lab works with students on issues such as grammar, APA citation, data incorporation, and effective reasoning in writing. We help students improve their writing to ensure their success both at CSUSB and in their future careers.

For detailed information about the Writing Lab, visit the CSBS Writing Lab website.

Advising Services

Lab Hours

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences has six departmental labs dedicated to related research and one open computer lab.

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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers more than eighteen scholarships to students from various departments. Along with the college offered scholarships, students can also apply for the scholarship offered by the University (open for all the majors).

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SBS Building Map

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences is housed in a 5-storied building, located on a beautiful campus. To find your classroom and to get the insightful information on the physical infrastructure, please view the detailed SBS Building Map.

University Faculty Mentoring Network

The purpose of the University Faculty Mentoring Network is to foster an environment of support that promotes the personal and professional development of tenure-track probationary faculty. To that end, UFMN makes available advice, encouragement, and career guidance by knowledgeable senior and retired faculty members, please visit their website for more information.